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Open Studio by Blu Dot
Inspiring the next generation of designers

And we want to make sure every young mind knows it. Open Studio consists of bimonthly design workshops created to spark youth’s interest in design and show them all the ways it can be a part of their lives, now and in the future. Free and open to all between ages 9 and 14, workshops will take place in our stores and cover everything from fashion design to furniture design.

When will it start?
We'll kick things off as soon as it's safe to welcome small groups back into each of our nine stores, hopefully by late summer or early fall.
Is it free?
You bet. All sessions will be free (including all materials) and open to the public.
Who will teach classes?
Our talented team will lead the fun. Since we aren’t educators by training, we're working closely with the award-winning education department of our hometown’s Walker Art Center to develop an ever evolving curriculum filled with hands-on activities.
Made It.
We’re all creative. But we’re not all given the same chance to explore where our creativity can take us. We can help change that.
We'll send updates as soon as we straighten out the deets.
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