Signal Outdoor 20" x 13" Lumbar Pillow

Our outdoor pillows are constructed of all the impressive good stuff that can take the elements. With a stripe pattern or two-tone design of contrasting material, not only are they sharp as all get out but comfy as heck too. Make being outside just as fancy as being inside. Also available in a
Sunbrella Ochre
Sunbrella Olive
Sunbrella Oxblood
Sunbrella Stripe 1
Sunbrella Stripe 4
Sunbrella Stripe 3


  • Sunbrella Ochre / Olive / Oxblood: 97% Acrylic / 3% Other
  • Sunbrella Stripe 1: 100% acrylic
  • Sunbrella Stripe 2 / 3 / 4: 97% Acrylic / 3% Other
  • Sunbrella fabrics can be cleaned and sanitized using bleach or any additional disinfectants without experiencing color loss or degradation
  • Sunbrella (Toohey) upholstery fabrics are Green Guard and Green Guard Gold certified to meet the standards for low chemical emissions and VOCs, contributing to healthy indoor air
  • Polyester fill
PL1-21X13O-OC Sunbrella Ochre $99.00
PL1-21X13O-OL Sunbrella Olive $99.00
PL1-21X13O-OX Sunbrella Oxblood $99.00
PL1-21X13O-S1 Sunbrella Stripe 1 $99.00
PL1-21X13O-S2 Sunbrella Stripe 4 $99.00
PL1-21X13O-S3 Sunbrella Stripe 3 $99.00