LAND Gallery + Blu Dot Meatball Vase

When ego is out of the picture and joy is allowed to travel freely, pure art emerges. This is the wonder we discovered when we happily stumbled upon an Instagram post from LAND (League Artists Natural Design). We clicked “like.” We clicked “love.” And we clicked “inspired.” LAND teaches life skills through art to adult artists with developmental disabilities. LAND shows us what can be created when no “box” exists. Blu Dot is honored and excited to bring these artists to you. All profits go directly to the artists and gallery—nothing comes between you and their joy.Shop the entire Land Gallery + Blu Dot Collection.


  • Handmade with artist impression
  • Dimensions approximate; may vary slightly among vases
  • Not food safe
  • Limited edition; 25 available
RU1-TOEVSE-BH White $399.00