Hecks Ottoman

A six-sided solution, of course. Group to make a honeycomb of seating possibilities for your home or hive. Cap with the powder-coated steel Hecks Tray to provide a more stable and spill-friendly surface.
Thurmond Blue Thurmond Blush Thurmond Charcoal Thurmond Citron Thurmond Light Grey Thurmond Lilac Thurmond Marine Blue Thurmond Olive Thurmond Red Thurmond Tomato Thurmond Wheat


  • Padded wood frame
  • Thurmond Felt: 60% Wool / 40% Rayon blend upholstery
  • Ships fully assembled
HK1-OTTOMN-BL Thurmond Blue $239.00
HK1-OTTOMN-BH Thurmond Blush $239.00
HK1-OTTOMN-CL Thurmond Charcoal $239.00
HK1-OTTOMN-CN Thurmond Citron $239.00
HK1-OTTOMN-GY Thurmond Light Grey $239.00
HK1-OTTOMN-LC Thurmond Lilac $239.00
HK1-OTTOMN-MR Thurmond Marine Blue $239.00
HK1-OTTOMN-OL Thurmond Olive $239.00
HK1-OTTOMN-RD Thurmond Red $239.00
HK1-OTTOMN-TM Thurmond Tomato $239.00
HK1-OTTOMN-BR Thurmond Wheat $239.00