Blu Dot is honored and excited to bring you the artists of LAND Studio and Gallery.

When nothing comes between. When ego is out of the picture and joy is allowed to travel freely, pure art emerges.

This is the wonder we discovered when we happily stumbled upon an Instagram post from LAND (League Artists Natural Design). We clicked “like.” We clicked “love.” And we clicked “inspired.”

“Hello darling” Carlo Daleo, 2016
“Untitled” Kenya Hanley, 2015
“Horse with Human Meatball Toes in a Forest” Raquel Albarran, 2017
“Taylor Swift” Michael Pellew, 2017
“untitled” James Rosa, 2017
“Land of Metal” Michael Pellew, 2016

LAND Gallery teaches life skills through art to adult artists with developmental disabilities. LAND shows us what can be created when no “box” exists.

“Colorful and detailed. The Ram is having a baby. The Horse is having a baby too. They are cute and disgusting and adorable. My meatballs.” - Raquel, LAND artist.

All profits go directly to the gallery and artists—nothing comes between you and their joy.

The Artists

James Rosa

Mr. Rosa is always an artist. James is constantly thinking, observing and creating. His art flows from him via bold colors, his own iconography and fascinating stories fashioned with animated houses, birds, flowers and, of course, teeth. We can’t get enough.

View more of James Rosa’s work here.

Kenya Hanley

Mr. Hanley is a well-rounded man of art. His mind is always in art mode. Kenya loves drawing “morning, afternoon and evening,” in addition to a fondness for bakeries and shopping. We’re with you Kenya.

View more of Kenya Hanley’s work here.

Michael Pellew, Jr.

MPJr. is a founding member of LAND Gallery. His NYC/pop culture/television/metal music-inspired work has been celebrated, shown and collected far and wide. The “Godfather of Art” is a prolific and intriguing talent. Keep it coming Michael.

View more of Michael Pellew Jr.’s work here.

Raquel Albarran

Raquel is a fan of dimensions–three, four and more. Her work exudes the happy she wants each viewer to experience. At the same time, she also likes her art to be useful and practical. We know that feeling.

View more of Raquel Albarran’s work here.

Carlo Daleo

Carlo is inspired by Walt Disney (we like the high standards). Like his idol, Carlo wants his art to be extraordinary, original and irresistible. His long-range plan is to take over for Mr. Disney. Yup, we could see it.

View more of Carlo Daleo’s work here.

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