Otto Ottoman

Start your ottoman empire with a pair of these modern square ottomans. Otto could not be more simple or more versatile. Heck, you can even use it as a side table, footrest, or overflow seating. Sold individually but works great in multiples.
Thurmond Aqua Thurmond Blue Thurmond Blush Thurmond Charcoal Thurmond Citron Thurmond Light Grey Thurmond Lilac Thurmond Marine Blue Thurmond Olive Thurmond Red Thurmond Tomatoe Thurmond Wheat


Otto Fabric Cube Ottoman:

OT1-OTTOX2-AQ Thurmond Aqua $189.00
OT1-OTTOX2-BL Thurmond Blue $189.00
OT1-OTTOX2-BH Thurmond Blush $189.00
OT1-OTTOX2-CL Thurmond Charcoal $189.00
OT1-OTTOX2-CN Thurmond Citron $189.00
OT1-OTTOX2-GY Thurmond Light Grey $189.00
OT1-OTTOX2-LC Thurmond Lilac $189.00
OT1-OTTOX2-MR Thurmond Marine Blue $189.00
OT1-OTTOX2-OL Thurmond Olive $189.00
OT1-OTTOX2-RD Thurmond Red $189.00
OT1-OTTOX2-TM Thurmond Tomatoe $189.00
OT1-OTTOX2-BR Thurmond Wheat $189.00